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Iko Shingles

No other shingle brand or type outlasts Iko shingles. Iko is the brand for efficiency, durability and longevity. The company that started in the 50’s making waterproofing materials now has the widest catalog of roofing shingles compared to any roofing companies anywhere. When you think of shingles, the first brand that naturally comes to mind is Iko shingles.

Iko Shingles Review

About Iko Shingles

Why use Iko shingles for your roof?

Probably the main reason why many homeowners choose Iko shingles over all other brands for roofing shingles is the high quality standard that these roofing components have. Each shingle is made to last more and above all, enhance the beauty and the grandeur of your home. There are also many types of shingles from Iko that you can choose from; choose from Premium Designer Shingles, Architectural Shingles or Traditional Shingles to use for your home. What is also better at Iko is you get a one of a kind limited lifetime warranty on all Iko Architectural Laminated shingles, check out all the details of this amazing deal at their official website.

What are the types of Iko shingles?

Premium Designer Shingles

    Armourshake and Armourshake Bilingual – classic and elegant looking type of shingles for your home. Made of asphalt but considered more durable than any asphalt shingle of the same kind. It can protect your roof from all the elements including deflecting the harsh rays of the sun and complete protection from algae development. The bilingual series offers more designs and color contrasts making the Armourshake one of the most popular Iko shingle type there is.
    Crowne Slate and Crowne Slate Bilingual – this is Iko’s top-of-the–line laminated shingles made from fiberglass that is made to look like natural slate. This type of shingle roofing is made to last because it is made with Iko shingle’s most advanced roofing manufacturing technology.
    Royal Estate and Royal Estate Bilingual – probably the best way to enhance your home is to use Royal Estate architectural slates that boasts with amazing color variations perfect for any external color hue. It is algae and wind resistant plus backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Architectural Shingles

    Cambridge and Cambridge Bilingual – high quality and durability with extraordinary shake-like designs, the Cambridge Iko shingle is the most favorite of many homeowners since it offers perfect roof protection for years and years to come.
    Grandeur – made form unique ceramic granules that are algae resistant and are colorfast that will retain the color and beauty of your roof for years to come. Fitted with Fiberteg fiberglass mat which helps protect from high winds.

Traditional Shingles

    Marathon 3 Tab Ultra and Marathon 3 Tab Ultra – backed with a limited 20, 25 or 30 year warranty, this type of Iko shingles are of the highest quality with an exceptional eye for detail. These are made from fiberglass that will never fail to protect your home from the harsh elements of nature.

How do you pick out Iko shingles for your home?

Choosing the type of Iko shingle for your home is easy when you visit Iko’s official website at A helpful interactive roof viewer is there to help you out to determine which shingle type will basically work with your home. Do you have a tri level home, a ranch type, colonial style, bungalow, traditional type or Cape Cod style home? You need to choose which is your type of home to proceed with the interactive tool. Then, select the Iko shingle type that you think is perfect for your home style and then finish it off with selecting colors for your home’s accent trim, corner trim, siding and brick. You may say that Iko shingles have got you all covered!

Iko Shingles